Exactly, just how long?

It’s been exactly 1 year 3 months 8 days or 15 months 8 days or 66 weeks 2 days or 464 days. And don’t get me started on the how many hours or minutes it’s been… lol

Hey! I never said I was any good at this, nor will I ever say I am. Here I am, getting pushed off the couch once again by our 4 dogs. Luckily the youngest and the oldest ones are the 2 of the thankful ones…Or at least that’s how I see it. And the other 2 just love me for my food and couch. 🙂 haha Yes I said 4, I rescued a sweetheart Shar Pei baby boy, named Ozzie. It’s been a year all in all, a very stressful one at that, since the last time I was on here. We’ve got a new president, people are going nuts (and I’m not speaking likely about that either) although I’ve always said people are nuts but this time it’s serious. Johnny Depp talked about assassination and the president in the same statement, mind you in a different country. People bash Blake Shelton, mainly because he’s an Okie and this people think a different way then the rest of the world. They tend to have a older mind set. Things are happening overseas and not it’s some awesome pirate ship’s and a bit of mutiny…well maybe a lot of mutiny. haha In the Middle East it’s going nuts, it’s insane, scary and just unthinkable. Their making women’s clothes for men……not just for acting or Halloween. I’ll just leave that last statement there and let you process that one. The only thing that’s going to save us, is Jesus. Plain and simple. And I seriously believe we’re screwed. Believe what you want, but there’s only one way outta here. Being an artist, is well kind of like being a scientist, you don’t find many Christian ones, therefore it makes it pretty dang difficult. Scientist, believe in evolution, man came from monkey and so on… Artist’s believe in, well a lot them believe in evolution also and some mother nature and father son are the reason for everything and tress just decided to grow because they wanted too and cows popped out of thin air. Now unicorns probably did popped out of thin air, or they came from fairy dust. But that’s another subject for another time. LOL I’m a tree hugger hippie, I recycle, I’m a vegetarian, animals have souls and feelings too, but someone had to put every single one of them on this earth. Call me what you want, but if you think calling someone a narrow-minded Christian is an insult, then you’ve read me all wrong.

Sorry for the rant. I still don’t like politics, don’t talk about them publicly but other’s thoughts & ideas are always bounced off of me, so maybe that’s what I did here…I’m trying to get back into the swing of my art and creativity and hopefully it’ll all come back to me soon, I’m kind of lost without it. So if you ever get board get a Bible and read the last few books of the New Testament, it’ll answer some questions you had, and maybe some you’ve never even thought of.

Until next time. Maybe until next year (haha),


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