So I’m late, shoot me.

So if having to go out of state isn’t stressful enough, my Pops having a couple of heart attacks on Easter weekend makes it just slightly worse. Ok, a lot worse…and more like a couple of major heart attacks not just tiny ones. They were able to fix the right artery, by removing blood clots and adding 2 stints. They’ll have to go back in a few weeks to fix the left (which is 100% blocked) and praying to God they’ll be able to fix the middle also, which is 100% blocked also. The poor guy just had his 5th major back surgery in January too. So saying the least this family is tired of hospitals. Period! So mind my hasn’t really been in the creative state of mind lately, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Keep him, us and my Nana in your thoughts and prayers, her hearts not in the greatest of shapes either.

Sitting out on my front porch, watching my Love mow the yard I’m thinking how treacherous it is for me to write these blogs. ha! Seriously though, I’ve become such a private introverted person the last few years, it’s kind of sad. If you know me you know my likes and dislikes, pretty much are common knowledge…movies, classic rock, cars, motorcycles, halloween, avid vegetarian, taking candid pictures with my phone (of just about everything (I have hundreds of photos on there), ) etc…But that’s about it. If you knew me about 10 years ago, my thoughts nor beliefs haven’t changed too much since then. I still don’t believe politics should be the main mind set for mankind, it’s depressing, and I still think the war nowadays is just a way to blow money, face it us being over there, isn’t just keeping them over there, they’re already over here. And normally I keep my opinion to myself about those subjects. I went from eating grilled chicken on cesar salads to eating no meat at all. But what divides the privacy line? Or the interweb privacy line? Knowing what color of socks I’m wearing or that I smoke Pall Mall cigarettes or knowing my home phone number? Yes I actually still have one of those, and don’t think “Ha! I’ve got something on her!”, it won’t get you anywhere. Why? well 1, I don’t know my own number and 2, I won’t answer it. (…there’s this awesome little mute button when someone calls), crap I barely answer my cell anymore. I’d pay money never to have to talk on the phone, especially to someone I don’t know.

Back to the privacy thing, I’ve lived in this little town for almost year now, (I know about 3 people here that I communicate too) and I’ve learned that a pretty good handful of people here know who I am or that I’m a artist and my husband was a banker. And normally when people think of artist they think of weird, or they have some kind of disease that’s catching, or even the worse that I’m like Tim Burton. Ok the last one makes me laugh, being I am a big fan of Burton. 😛 And I’m actually ok with that. Telling a person you remotely know that you live in a certain town is different than having your location turned on, on your cell phone and tagging a facebook or instagram post with your home location. I think it’s actually looking for trouble, but then some people maybe looking for trouble.

I did a light google search to what came up under “social networking privacy”, and the top thing that came up was “protecting your child’s safety online”. Honestly to me I think that’s ridiculous, if you have to worry about what your kid is getting into while online, then they shouldn’t be online. But that’s just me and it actually makes me happy about how I am being a private person. Yes, sorry I do ramble on about things, pretty easily actually. I’m going to end this here, before I get on another soapbox since I do have the last of my March Sketch a Day Challenge and I’ll also add my other sketch I just finished, that’s been on my bucket list for years. 😉

Presenting Joe Walsh,


…a sketch I’ve wanted to do for sometime…


Day 22, didn’t have much time work on that sketch after finishing Walsh.


Day 23, you ask why penguins? Well google how they court their forever soulmates.


Day 24, still need to watch this moving again. The 1972 one of course 😉


Day 25, ’cause it’s Easter weekend, we all need to remember that he died for all of us.


Day 26, put your hands in the hand of the man from a Galilee.


Day 27, for he has Risen!


Day 28, and then the day after Easter happens.


Day 29, the opening to fear, inspiration, faith and success.


Day 30, if a fish can do the impossible, you can too.


Day 31, the end. I finished my 31 days of inspiration challenge. It was a doozy.

Thanks for reading and looking, check back here for new rambles and new work.

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