A Little of Everything.

Well, this week was nothing that I thought it would turn out to be. And I really don’t have much to talk about this week that really should have a point to be made. With going out of state for a funeral, getting spoiled by my love on the way home with getting to spend a short time in my favorite little town, to coming home being sick the of the entire week. So with drawing a complete blank this week and still not coming up with a subject to write about, I’ll just tell ya a short stories about each picture this week and what they mean to me…Enjoy!


This…this is a sketch of my love’s and I’s cake topper from our wedding. This small statue represents us to 100%, I see it daily, it sits on our book shelf in our dinning room. I smile every time I see it, thru the bad and good times, it’s always there and it’ll always be there. The day I drew this my hubbs and I had a day out, which we both needed (something most people don’t do once they get married or don’t think they need to do…once you stop doing the little things the sparks will leave). I love him more now then I’d ever think I would, he’s my best friend. =)


Every time I see a dream catcher, I stop and study it. I don’t know why, but no matter what they look like, I love to compare them to each other. And I’m a huge History and Native American nut. 😉 I also have Indian blood lines, in just about every way you look.


At the end of a very long day (well 2 days, really) this was about all I could think of. State signs. Welcome to Our State signs…Each state pretty much has the same blue and white state line sign, and to me it’s boring. My hubbs Great Greadmother passed away week before last, and her service was Tuesday. We drove thru 3 special states, (we’ve both lived in Mo. at some points in our life’s, but mainly grew up in Ar. and now reside in Ok.,) after 7hrs in the car one way and seeing lots of family, a few friends and many familiar sites and some not so familiar, this is what Monday nights sketch consisted of.


This is the seal, logo, whatever you want to call it of The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ar. A town I’ve always been fascinated with since I was a little girl, and to this day I could just sit there and stare at the architecture. We had enough time on the way back home Tuesday, my love surprised me with me stopping in Eureka Springs. And of course I had to stop by the grand ole building and like a tourist, just like every one else. I could rattle like this for hours but I won’t. 😉


This could have a long lengthy story just like the rest, but I’ll just sum this on up with, everyone needs to smile and color is beautiful. “A splash of color in an otherwise dull and dreary world.”


Just because I learned a new recipe…lol. I’ve changed my life my life over the last a couple of years to a healthy vegetarian and this was my first gluten free homemade cookies. =)


Along with everything else going on this week I ended up sick. Big shock right?! lol…I have a sad obsession with hippos, and have a small collection of stuffed ones. So as a get well gift my love bought me a huge stuffed hippo, which led me to this lil’ guy. 😀


And sadly this is the last one for the week, and if you’ve made it thru all of this I’d either congratulate you or say sorry. lol Anyways, I’m stuck on windmills lately, and to me I think windmills have a vibe of freedom to them. Maybe because the winds, or maybe the fields that they’re in, well at least around here they are. 😉

Thanks for listening to me ramble about a few different inspirational pieces, Brittany.

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