Inspiration, where does it come from?

I wanted to talk about Inspiration, what it is and where is comes from. I for one am probably one of the most busiest starving artist ever, or at least it feels that way to me. I’m always on the go, normally in the car, and that lead me to thinking “where does inspiration come from?” Well for me, a lot of it comes from music. I’m a huge classic rock fan, and I collect records. I always have something playing, in the car, while I’m working…just all the time. Either your looking for inspiration or you have plenty of it, learn to look for the small things in life. Stop and smell the roses, watch the birds (my favorite thing is watching how birds take flight), and so on. But sometimes that doesn’t always work, and this is why I started my Sketch a Day Challenge, and so far it’s worked!

Take sketch from Day 6, it’s from a place that is one of my favorite places to visit. I’ve loved that town (Eureka Springs, Ar) since I was young and still do to this very day. The entire town is just a huge amount of inspiration to me and I take it to alot of other people. I haven’t gotten to go there in a few years, maybe that’ll change this summer. 😉

Anyways, back to what I was saying before that…When I do get to sit down I remember what caught my eye that day and draw it out. If you’ve lost it totally, don’t worry! It will come back! …It just takes time, and focus and remembering what you love in life the most. And remember when you get flustered the most, take a break and breath! Either for a hour or a day, being flustered always helps inspiration dissappear. And this doesn’t have to be just for a sketch artist, you could be a painter, or a musician or even a clown that rides a unicycle. Lol 

I’ve found some different quotes from different artists, here on the Web, maybe they will help you too.

●If you get overexcited by an idea, take a break and come back to it later. It is all about developing a cold eye with which to look over your own work.

● Forget the idea that inspiration will come to you like a flash of lightning. It’s much more about hard graft.

●An idea is just a map. The ultimate landscape is only discovered when it’s under foot, so don’t get too bogged down in its validity.

●Love the effect over its cause.

 ●Daydream. Give yourself plenty of time to do nothing. Train journeys are good.

●Be open to your surroundings. I try to find inspiration in the character of the place I’m exhibiting in. It helps me if I can respond to something that is already there.

●Always have something to write with. I seldom draw these days, but I need a pen in my hand to think.

●I like reading and watching movies, but mostly I find that it’s things I have seen or read a long time ago that come back to me. The things that you found inspiring when you were starting out usually stay with you.

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Hope this helped anyone that was in a funk. New blog every 3 days, along with new daily sketches.

Thanks for stopping bye, Brittany.

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