On Hold and Under Construction!

After being tremendously busy this last year, between family health and My Loves new job, I didn’t have much time to work and I lost all ties to inspiration. My website was just sitting there, along with my sketch pad and pencils, and I knew something needed to change. So with a TOTALLY re-vamped website and the time to work, I was still left with no inspiration. With March just ’round the corner I thought I’d put myself to a challenge…a sketch a day. For me to find something that caught my eye that day, take a picture and lay it down on paper (when I get a chance to sit down, anyways). Since my site was under construction, my first two sketches of March were put on hold, until now. As of three days being down and done and posted on BSA’s Instagram (link in the above right top corner), I’ll post the 1st three March Sketch A Day Challenge below.

And come back there’s more work in the making! You maybe surprised! 😉

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Thanks for stopping bye,

Brittany of Blind Streak Art.

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